Nancy Pelosi’s Cold Heart Causes Polar Vortex, Entire Government Will Be Frozen Again (opinion

A Polar vortex is sweeping across more than half the country and Democrats everywhere are blaming Trump for the longest Government shutdown in American history.

I mean who else can be to blame for the Government shutdown and this insanely cold weather?

Don’t believe me that they blame Trump for the cold snap? Here’s an article from Left wing website “NPC Daily”.

SOURCE: NPC Daily blames Trump for the Polar Vortex.

I find it weird that they now blame Trump for this cold blast and global warming at the same time.

I say all this is Nancy Pelosi’s fault. Not the fault of President Trump.

When something goes wrong in America, the left instantly points the blame straight at President Donald Trump. He’s the scapegoat of the century and they show no signs of slowing down on the attacks.

Is my headline crazy? YES!

But this is just an example of how ridiculous the left can be at their relentless headlines that keep making our President look like the only bad guy in Washington.

Days ago the government was open for business again and Trump gave the dems 3 weeks to fund his border wall. We shall see what happens soon.

I’m sure the headlines will read that Trump causes a shutdown again, when it’s really going to be the Dems and Pelosi that will act like children.



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