“Mother!” Bombs At Box Office After J-Law’s Comments On Trump

Jennifer Lawrence is now a perfect example of why Hollywood studios need to make sure their actors stick to what they know: acting.

In the days leading up to the biggest flop of her career, Mother!, J-Law suggested something so mind-numbingly stupid, it pains me to retype them out.

Prior to the film’s release, Lawrence suggested that the hurricanes hitting our nation’s coastline could be mother nature’s “wrath” for electing Trump.

First of all, this lady is obviously an idiot. She’s done a great job of pretending to be other people, but she really needs to leave it at that. I mean, really? An act of nature is the result of a political election?

Folks, the sad thing is, this is how a lot of people really think. Fortunately, audiences all over are sending a loud and clear message to J-Law and crew: shut the hell up.

After making those comments, Lawrence’s film debuted, and had critics rolling in laughter. The problem is, Mother! is supposed to be a horror/drama. Clearly something went wrong, and J-Law no longer commands the audience many thought she had.

Now, a lot of people are going to point to the fact that the movie is simply terrible, but that doesn’t stop box offices from drawing big numbers in films with A-list stars. The fact that this movie only made $7.5 million opening weekend does not bode well for the studio, or anyone looking to work with J-Law in the future (it cost roughly $30 million to make).

One of these days the Hollywood elite will realize that there are millions of people vying for the chance to play “make-believe” on camera. Movie executives don’t like taking huge risks in casting, and once someone has become toxic, they find it hard to get work.

Hopefully others will take note as this is what happens when you voice your own ignorance.



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