Miami Dolphins Owner Finally Speaks Out Against Players Disrespecting Anthem

After Jerry Jones told reporters that the Dallas Cowboys will stand for the anthem, other owners have announced similar policies will be implemented by their teams.

Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross is the latest owner to take a stand against players protesting during the national anthem, calling on his players to be a uniting force, instead of spreading division.

“I think it’s incumbent upon the players today, because of how the public is looking at it, to really stand and really salute the flag,” Ross said. “Whenever you’re dealing with the flag you’re dealing with something different.”

Miami has had several players choose to protest during the anthem this season, but now the team has officially made rules against it. Head coach Adam Gase is now telling players to stand for the anthem, or remain in the locker room until it’s over.

“He’s changed that whole paradigm of what protest is,” Ross said of president Trump’s comments last week in regards to disrespecting the flag. “Right now [with] these kids you want understanding, that we really have to get out into the white community and have them accept the fact this isn’t about all black kids and the protest they have.”

Ross, like Jerry Jones, and many other owners, understands that sports are a unifying force for people. Sports provide folks with an escape from the stress of their daily lives. The last thing people want to do when they turn on a ballgame is watch politics play out during the anthem.

Now that owners are seeing viewership drop, they are taking a stand. Sure, it may seem like this is about money, but that is the power of capitalism! When we, the American people, decide to tune out, changes are made. Obviously, owners are recognizing that fans don’t appreciate millionaires protesting before playing a game. Now they are starting to do something about it.

Way to go, NFL fans. You’ve made it clear that players should respect the flag that flies over this country, and now the owners are listening.



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