Melania Didn’t Know The Camera Was On, What I Saw Left Me In Tears

The Trump family proclaim to be believers in Jesus Christ much to the scrutiny of mainstream media. They are constantly attacked to the point it has become ridiculous and sometimes too much to handle.

During the Inaugural Prayer Service on Jan 21st, Marlana VanHoose performed the ancient hymn “How Great Thou Art”.

Melania was clearly moved by the song and what I saw left me in tears.

During the live performance, Melania Trump was captured on camera and I was moved by her reaction to the song. Words can’t describe how I feel about it.

Just watch.

That’s right. Melania was seen getting very shaken up by this song and began to cry. In a couple of moments you can see the emotion as she wipes away the tears.

What a beautiful moment. The Trumps are Christian and we support their Christian faith!




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