“Medicare For All” Would Throw Millions Of Veterans Off Healthcare Plans

If democrat contenders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders get their way, millions of veterans will lose access to their healthcare.

Now, this isn’t the goal of “Medicare for All,” but it is an unintended consequence. This comes from The Hill:

“Medicare for All” proposals in Congress would establish a single-payer health care system run by the government. They would prohibit the sale of private health plans while ending employer-sponsored insurance coverage and private and public sector retiree health plans.

Although Medicare for All would leave the government-run portion of the VA system intact, it would eliminate the Department of Defense’s TRICARE program, a network of private providers and military hospitals that provide health care for 9.4 million U.S military personnel, retirees, their families and some members of the reserves.

Through TRICARE, service members and retirees have 11 plans to choose from, allowing them to tailor their coverage to their unique needs. The dismantling of TRICARE would almost certainly hurt military morale, retention and recruitment.

The democrats pushing for “Medicare for All” want the entire health insurance system to be ran by the government. And we all know how inefficient the government is… You think it takes a while for a pothole to get filled? Imagine the government being in charge of scheduling heart surgeries.

Silliness aside, Medicare for All puts millions of veterans, who have found affordable care tailored to them, at risk.

The VA has long relied on community providers to supplement the care it provides. However, since the 2014 wait list scandal, the VA has increased its use of outside health care by over 50 percent, helping reduce wait times and improve access to care. Today, about one-third of all appointments for veterans enrolled in the VA happen outside the VA system through community care.

The VA, the organization that the left points to as “government healthcare done well” uses outside help, because the government can’t handle the load.

“Oh, but Garrett, other countries have universal healthcare!” Yeah, great. Fortunately, we don’t live there, because here’s how their veterans get treated.

In Great Britain, all veterans have to use the National Health Service. While they are entitled to priority access only for service-related conditions, civilian clinical needs come first. Sorry about your gunshot wound, but Nancy here has a fever, so wait in line.

Canada is even worse. Their military veterans use their government-run health system, which ranked last among 11 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries in how quickly patients get to see their family physician. So, in Canada, you can SAY you have healthcare access, but you might not live long enough to use it.

Medicare for All is a serious threat to the health and wellness of citizens in the U.S. The VA has been involved in too many scandals that have cost people lives for intelligent Americans to believe the government should run health insurance.

If we don’t fight back against these dangerous ideologies, we may see families lose loved ones because the government decides it’s not financially viable to save them. It’s already happening around the world. Don’t let us be next.



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