Medal Of Honor Hero Sets NFL Straight, Shows What Patriotism Really Looks Like

Cpl. Kyle Carpenter first got the attention of Americans everywhere, because he heroically saved a fellow Marine by throwing himself on top of a grenade in 2010. Now he’s captured American’s attention by skydiving into a marathon.

Not just any marathon, Carpenter is skydiving into the Marine marathon with fellow marines. He shared why he’s jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

“…to bring recognition on the non profit I’m running the marathon for, the Semper Fi Fund. Just to jump with an American flag in a free country. Make that entrance…I really like to take advantage of any opportunities I have since almost losing my life multiple times…”

Carpenter added,

“…I really like to do things that make me feel like I’m living, that really make me feel like I’m taking advantage of this blessed second opportunity I have at life.”

This is what freedom looks like


Who in their right mind does this?


Cpl. Carpenter adds some words of encouragement for the times that we live in.

“Our country is very strong. We are very united, we’ve seen that. Over many instances, and many things that have happened. Over the course of our history we are very resilient…”

His goal is to, “To instill patriotism, and show people we can jump out of planes. We live on free streets in a free land with Democracy…”

Watch the full video below.

God bless you Cpl. Carpenter. Oorah!



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