Man Who Shot Texas Shooter Breaks Silence, Here’s What Would Have Happened If He Didn’t

Every time our nation is hit with a tragedy like the one in Sutherland Springs TX, non gun owning Americans use it as an opportunity to spew their “holier than thou” nonsense.

You see and hear things along the lines of “this wouldn’t happen with stricter laws,” or “oh, since he’s a christian, it’s not a terror attack”, but the truth is, people rarely think before speaking.

Instead of feeling pain in the wake of a tragedy, many Americans are using this shooting as a “gotcha” moment.

Rather than feeling sorry for their fellow man, people often use the aftermath of a tragedy to show how “right” their way of thinking is.

“This doesn’t happen in other civilized societies,” is what they like to say, completely forgetting about the Charlie Hebdo attack a few years ago, or the Manchester attack, and the list goes on. My point is, this stuff happens around the globe, so that notion is simply incorrect.

The media is going to focus on the shooter, as they should, but they shouldn’t forget to talk about how the shooter was taken down.

Popular culture wants us to demonize gun owners, but it turns out that if it wasn’t for a couple of good guys with guns, the Sutherland Springs shooter could have gone on to do a lot more damage.

In the following video, local resident Johnnie Langendorff talks about the moment he saw the shooter, and what he did to end the horrific event:

The media wants us to believe that our feelings are worth something. If a policy doesn’t make us feel good, then that should be enough to get rid of it.

Liberals like to say “the Founding Fathers only had muskets,” but they don’t realize, the musket was the deadliest weapon of its time (next to syphilis). Owning a musket in 1800 is like owning a machine gun today. This notion that the founders would want to limit our ability to defend ourselves is preposterous.

Laws only impact those who follow them. If a person wants to be a criminal, you are only harming law abiding citizens by trying to limit their ability to protect themselves and their family.

Our rights don’t end where other people’s feelings begin.

Thank God there were good guys with guns. Otherwise, who knows how many more people would’ve been lost.



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