Man Stands On American Flag To Protest “Racism”, This Response Gives Us Something To Che

Earlier today as video was released that was filmed outside a Pennsylvania courthouse showing a man standing on the American Flag to Protest Racism.

Rashad McAdory, who said he was a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, said he “will remain standing in front of the courthouse until his concerns about white supremacy and racial injustice” are addressed by the community that he calls home.

“It is not my flag,” McAdory said. “I want to see the system change and the laws and help for the black community.”

Here’s the video that has stirred a ton of controversy online.

McAdory’s sign reads:

“White supremacy works at Eerie County Courthouse. Systematic racism must end! Now!”

I’m all fine with protesting, but just like the NFL players taking a knee this goes beyond a protest into the arena of down right disrespect to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

A group of counter protestors showed up recently and had the following to say in response.

“I love America,” counterprotester Josh Castano said. “I appreciate his protest, but not standing on the flag. The national anthem and the flag are not foundations to stand on.”

“If you want to protest, fine,” counterprotester Benjamin Kage said. “But when you stand on the American flag, you lose momentum, you lose credibility.”

These counter protestors are correct. You have every right to protest, but not at the expense or disrespect of others. Comments on the Fox News post tend to lean toward this as well, and they are 100% right.

Maybe on of these days the Liberals will find a different way to protest. Until then I will cross my fingers and still stand up for the American flag and what it represents.

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