Liz Warren Supports Government Employees Walking Off Job In Chicago

Another school year, another chance for (a select few) teachers to walk off the job knowing that they will be shielded by society’s cloak of “she’s a hero” rhetoric.

Thousands of teachers in Chicago gathered downtown as the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, gave her budget address.

The strike is going into its seventh day (after Liz Warren showed up yesterday), acting as another example of government failure on multiple levels (enter Liz Warren).

The teachers are striking over pay, caps on class sizes, and health benefits.

This from the ABC affiliate in Chicago, WLS:

The Chicago Teachers Union says the mayor has promised Chicago she would do better and it’s time for that change now.

“We’re teachers. We’re going to read your homework assignment. You turn in half a paper, then we’re not going to give you a complete grade for that…she is going to have to do enough for us to say this is fair and it’s a real change for our schools,” said CTU President Jesse Sharkey.

I can’t bite my tongue here… did the president of the Chicago Teachers Union just compare balancing a government budget with grading homework? Surely Jesse Sharkey is a smarter individual than that statement leads one to believe.

Chicago is an incredibly liberal city. The taxpayers there foot the bill for numerous things (such as an outstanding public transportation system) that it makes sense for the mayor to have to tighten the belt, financially speaking.

Teachers on Wednesday said they would rather be in the classroom, but are on strike for their students… Which is weird, because the students are now having to be looked after by family members, causing them to miss work… Oh, and their parents don’t have government jobs that pay them for marching…

That often gets missed in coverage of these strikes: the kids, and their families. Parents are having to take off time from work to look after their kids who should be at school. School that is paid for by THEIR TAX DOLLARS.

Although the claim is about it being for “the students”, those marching are awfully upset about the pay they agreed to work for:

“I know a lot of people question the efficacy of the strike, but I don’t think that you can discount the justice we’re trying to bring about today,” said CPS teacher Bill Chlumsky.

“We don’t need to work three or four jobs to maintain our families,” said Citali Soto, Board of Education safety and security officer. “That is absurd. That is ridiculous. I work three jobs. I can’t be home with my son.”

First of all, that’s tragic. We all wish everyone could spend more time with their loved ones. The reality is, we all make decisions in life, and those decisions shouldn’t require others to pay more in taxes, which is ultimately what would have to happen.

That’s the thing that government employees don’t understand: they’re asking for you and I to give up more. For some of us, that means giving more money to a department we don’t even believe in. You hear it all the time: “why should I pay taxes if it goes towards (insert thing you dislike)?” Well, this is one of those things that we don’t HAVE to agree to.

Perhaps the teachers need to look at the bloated administration and unions soaking up a lot of the money. While “democratic socialists” love pointing to the CEO:Employee pay ratio, there isn’t any mention of the Superintendent:Teacher pay scale. You don’t see district administrators fighting for their pay to be that of the teachers in the classroom.

Maybe you’re okay with paying higher taxes for government run education, and that’s fine. Just realize that there are many of us who are sympathetic to teachers, and their lives, but we don’t want to be taxed more.



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