Listen To The Judge’s Reaction When A Veteran Goes To Court Over Parking Ticket

All of our veterans have given up major portions of their lives to serve at the expense of defending our nation. We should all be eternally grateful.

It’s also no secret that our government needlessly lets our veterans fall through the cracks in more ways than one.

This good man was going to his local VA for treatment. He served in the Army, and was deployed for a year during the Vietnam War. There was no parking for him, and he parked where it was prohibited.

The judge asks if the man has any explanation as to why he parked there, and his reply is quite moving.

“I’d like to plead guilty with an explanation, sir.”

“Alright, so we know that you were there,” the judge says jokingly.

“If your honor has ever been to the VA hospital, which I go to several times a week, the parking is atrocious at best. I have seen many others park there on the sidewalk where I got the ticket with no consequences, and figured police were giving veterans a break. I know I parked illegally, and that it doesn’t make it right.”

“First I feel that for other veterans and myself, the fine is too hefty for the first time offense in that area.”

The judge empathizes with the man, and once they establish a base of when the man served in the military, he had an unexpected reply.

“This is a case of me balancing the equities…in disposing of this case, what I’m going to say to you is, “Thank you for your service, the case is dismissed.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Their exchange was great, and they came across like old friends. The Veteran could have gone into the courtroom with a chip on his shoulder demanding his ticket be taken away, and he probably would have had to pay it.

He went in respectful and showing honor to the judges position., and he was rewarded.

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