Leftists Prove They Are The Real Racists In Hilarious Video

How many of you are tired of hearing the word “racist” thrown around all willy-nilly?

A few years ago that word had some meaning, but now it seems that just about EVERYTHING is racist.

Do you want a secure border? Racist. Do you want secure elections? Racist. Do you want people to be responsible for themselves? Racist.

The left would have you believe that anything straying from their worldview is racist, but they oftentimes fail to recognize their own bigotry.

VOTER ID LAWS Republicans want people to have to show government approved ID to vote, Democrats do not. Now, why do the two parties have different opinions on an issue that seems so simple?

Democrats claim that this is a form of “voter suppression”, but why is that? To put it lightly, they don’t think too highly of non-white folks. Unfortunately, Democrats suffer from what is known as “the bigotry of lowered expectations”. That is, they don’t think black people, or hispanic people are capable of even acquiring something like an ID. How sad is that?

Imagine thinking that someone of a different skin color is less capable than you are of being able to walk into a DMV, write down your name, and get an ID. That’s why I will never be able to think like a leftist.

BORDER SECURITY I like people. I assume most people like people. When it comes to who my taxes support, I’d prefer that money go to my fellow citizens. Does that mean I hate people who aren’t Americans? Heavens no! I just think that if my government is taking from me, the money should be used on my country.

Democrats would have you think that this is a bad thing. They want you to believe that it’s better for the government to spend money on people who aren’t citizens, and will call you racist if you disagree. The problem is, their arguments are oftentimes super racist, and they don’t even know it.

“Who is going to do the jobs Americans won’t?” Americans.

“Who is going to mow your lawn?” Americans.

Basically, a lot of liberals see brown people as “the help”. Think of it as the new slave class. Kind of messed up, right?

Now, most of these people, I assume, are good people with good intentions. However, it’s kind of telling when they say things that show they view others as incapable due to the color of their skin.

Not to mention, there’s a lot of assuming when it comes to the intention of white people who voted for Trump. News flash: Hillary sucked. A toaster could’ve beaten her. White supremacists voting for a toaster doesn’t mean I support white supremacists.

Stay woke.


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