Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Are Being Marked With A Tattoo, The Meaning Behind It Left Me In Tears

Countless lives were altered on the night of the Las Vegas shooting, and while many would like to forget the horrific events that transpired, four women have made it a point to always remember what happened that evening.

Four friends from Utah made their way to Las Vegas for the 91 Harvest festival, but as we all know, things definitely didn’t go as planned.

That Sunday night, their lives were transformed, as gunshots rained down from the Mandalay Bay hotel onto concert goers.

Laura Farthing, Shelley Burch, Lori Wilson and Alyssa Hodges took a trip to Las Vegas to see Jason Aldean, amongst other acts performing at the festival, but their vacation would soon turn into a nightmare of epic proportions.

The women had spent most of the festival in the VIP area, but Farthing and Burch wanted to watch Aldean from the back of the general admission area. It was during this time they noticed an annoying “pop” sound in the background.

Then they heard it again. And again.

Suddenly, bodies were hitting the floor, and the whole venue broke into chaos. The ladies were separated, and had no idea if one another were safe.

“I pulled out this piece of bullet, and I don’t know, I just got mad,” Farthing said of being hit. “Then I realized what direction the bullets were coming from.”

Wilson and Hodges had left the venue merely minutes before the bloodbath ensued. “Every time Alyssa and I looked at each other that night, we started crying,” Wilson says. “Three minutes would have made the difference between life and death.”

After the shooting stopped, the friends were relieved to find that they were all okay. Minus a few bruises, and scratches here and there, the four made it out of the attack safe and sound.

Before heading home, the group decided they were going to get matching tattoos.

The tattoo resembles a poker chip, with the date of the shooting on top, and the number “91” in the middle. Obviously, the 91 represents the “91 Harvest Festival”.

The friends had seen that Savage Tattoo in Ogden was offering free tattoos for anyone who was in the madness on that fateful Vegas Sunday.

“I’ve dealt with loss in my own life,” shop owner Dax McClellan says. “As tattoo artists, doing what we love … it’s a way to give back.”

Surely going through something like this will bring a friendship closer together. Thank God they made it out alive.



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