Lady Antebellum Sings ‘The National Anthem’, And Brings America To Its Feet

“The National Anthem” is played at the beginning of every game in the NFL and there have been some really great moments. With the continued campaign from some players who “take a knee”, it seems like those moments of patriotism are becoming less and less.

Thank God that Lady Antebellum sang this powerful version during the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. There was not a single person on their knees and it was a moment that will make you proud to be an American again.

The song starts out in traditional fashion but the band has a massive American Flag behind them being held across the entire football field.

Police officers made sure they held the flag tight!

Fans were holding American Flags in the stands.

By the end you can see some players and people in tears and the statue of Liberty standing tall near the end. 9/11 is a moment we will never forget.

Lets all stand for the Anthem to show respect for those who fight to keep our country free.




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