JUST IN: Here’s The One Trump Interview The Media Hopes You’ll Never Watch

The media loves to bash Trump and show moments that are more controversial, but when our President has one of the best interviews of his career the media goes silent.

This interview needs more attention and it must be shared with the world. CNBC’s Joe Kernen interviewed President Trump right outside the Oval Office in what has to be one of the best sit-downs our president has ever done.

In this interview Trump puts America first. The conversation gave us an insight into the state of the U.S. economy, America’s controversial trade wars, and the president’s remarks about the Federal Reserve’s ongoing interest-rate hikes.

Trump’s comment on Russia is spot on!

I mean, basically that’s what we discussed. We discussed lots of great things for both countries, frankly. But there are things that we can do for both countries that are very good. Now, we then go to a news conference. I mean I had these — some of these fools from the media saying, “Why didn’t you stand there, look him in the face, walk over to him, and start shouting at him?” I said, “Are these people crazy? I want to make a deal.” I want to make a deal. You can’t do that. And we’ve been having a bad relationship with Russia for many years. And you know, that may be wrong. I — it may be that you can’t do anything and — that’s very possible. But I’m different than other president’s. I’m a dealmaker. I’ve made deals all my life. I do really well. I make great deals. You know it because you’ve covered them for a long time Joe. And I think if we can get along with Russia and other countries…

Leftists tried to attack Trump in the video comments, but people were quick to defend him.

“Even if you do not like the president (like me), you must admit, Trump did a good job with this interview. Truth in his eyes and words.”




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