Judiciary Committee Democrats Approve Two Articles Of Impeachment, Republicans Call It A “Rigg

American history has been made today as Democrats have made Donald Trump the first ever president to be impeached completely along party lines, following the Judiciary Committee’s 23-17 vote.

The House panel on impeachment voted on two articles, and neither of them have anything to do wit Ukraine, or Russia, or “bribery”, or anything the Democrats claimed originally. Instead, the vote was over broad things like “abuse of power” (you know, like bribing a country to fire a prosecutor) and “obstruction of justice” (you know, like getting rid of 30,000 emails).

“We voted on an allegation of abuse of power,” Representative Gohmert (TX) said in a press conference following today’s hearing and subsequent vote. “There was an abuse of power in the Department of Justice. There was an abuse of power at the FBI. There was an abuse of power at the FISA court. There was abuse of power in our intel community.”

“This is really a sad day — a big show … America needs to hear from the witnesses; and, we didn't get to hear from them here. This was a kangaroo court — outrageous to put the country through this!” pic.twitter.com/IhIZqkZ4Rk — Louie Gohmert (@replouiegohmert) December 13, 2019

“Even DOD (Department of Defense) was paying money to help set up the president,” he continues. “So there were all kinds of abuses of power, perhaps none more so than in the House of Representatives by the majority.”

“This is an outrage. It sets the bar for any president of any party in the future to go through three years of hell like this president has.”

Rep. Debbie Lesko (AZ) called the entire thing a “travesty,” saying that it’s “really tearing America apart.”

If anyone is guilty of abusing power or obstructing justice around here, it is the Democrats, not President @realdonaldtrump. This is the most corrupt, rigged railroad job I have ever seen in my entire life. pic.twitter.com/GU0kxfmuGy — Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (@RepDLesko) December 12, 2019

“I have never in my entire life seen such an unfair, rigged, railroad job against a president of the United States.”

Lesko goes on to say that she knew Democrats were going to impeach the president “since January of this year,” but she never imagined the proceedings would play out in such an obviously partisan manner.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee react to the approval of articles of impeachment. "This is a sad day for the country. It is going nowhere in the Senate." https://t.co/vTMxZ1IGW2 pic.twitter.com/0i1t9ingIZ — CBS News (@CBSNews) December 13, 2019

“They predetermined they were going to do it, and they did it. Come hell, or high water.”

Democrats have just set the precedent that the majority party in the House can take up articles of impeachment against the president with little to know evidence of wrongdoing. We were told by Democrats and the media that the president forced Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. No investigation took place. We were then told that the president bribed the Ukraine to make an announcement about the investigation (that never took place), but the President of Ukraine said there was no bribery at all.

Democrats then pointed to hearsay as evidence, claiming that secondary sources could be more valuable than those who were involved. We had a hearing where the whistleblower never had to explain what he had heard. We had hearings over Adam Schiff’s report, but Adam Schiff was never asked to testify and explain it.

Now, Democrats are claiming abuse of power, and obstruction of justice. Democrats prevented witnesses from being called. Democrats voted alone on impeaching the president. Gohmert is right. Abuse of power did take place, but it wasn’t on the part of President Trump.

Remember this in 2020. Democrats are actively working to overturn the will of the American people, and they are doing so by claiming it has nothing to do with politics. This entire thing is a sham.



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