Judge Jeanine Pirro Takes One Last Jab At Whoopi Goldberg, And It’s Hilarious

Just days after Whoopi Goldberg unleashed hate, Judge Jeanine Pirro was able to get one last Jab in on Whoopi over the past few days, and it’s hilarious.

If you did not know what happened last week, Pirro was verbally assaulted by Whoopi Goldberg while backstage on “The View”. Pirro said that Whoopi told her to “get the f*ck out of here” just moments after they walked off stage.

In her Opening Statement Pirro said:

“To Whoopi, I accept that you and I have different versions of what happened on Thursday, both on and off the air, and that we have completely different takes on President Trump and the job he’s doing.” She said. “Conversation among family, friends and acquaintances cannot happen in today’s society, because political differences are tearing people apart.”

“It’s almost impossible to have a rational discussion that doesn’t turn into a food fight,”

But that’s not the funny one. This statement had me rolling on the floor.

“I do want to thank Whoopi and the ladies for helping to make my book number one on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So go out and get a copy if you haven’t already,” Pirro said with a smile.

Pirro also threw some shade at Goldberg, saying: “I much preferred you in the movie ‘Ghost’ than on ‘The View.’ “




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