Jon Voight Cries After Thanking God For Trump, Then Says 5 Words That Fire Up America

Award-winning actor and die hard Donald Trump supporter Jon Voight was on the Mark Levin show when he began to break down in tears while thanking God for Donald Trump being in office.

The 79-year-old actor began crying while he was remembering a moment he shared with a “conservative woman” on his flight to the TV studio.

Voight explained that he asked the actress, “So what do you think about our man?” He then acted out how she placed her hand on her heart, at that point he began crying during the show.

Mark Levin interviews Jon Voight.

Levin then asked, “Why are you crying?”

Voight replied…

Because, first of all the gesture was so beautiful she couldn’t speak. She was just saying, thank God. And then I say, thank God.

What he said next left every fan speechless.

“One of the reasons I can say thank God is because I know he’s there for us all. That’s one of the things that we have lost is this compass of God.

Watch the full moment below. It’s so good.



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