Joe Biden Tells Crowd “I’m Not Going Nuts” In Latest Gaffe

Joe Biden has spent the majority of his campaign stumbling over himself, and his latest gaffe does nothing to help his cause.

Things have gotten so bad for the former vice-president that his own brain surgeon had to essentially say that “he’s not insane, I think”.

Now, he’s found himself on the ultra-defensive, coming out and plainly stating “I’m not going nuts” during a campaign stop.

While speaking to a crowd in New Hampshire, Biden said “I want to be clear, I’m not going nuts.” While this may have been a joke, it’s obvious that all the “Crazy Joe” comments have gotten to the guy.

This is the guy who said that non-white kids were inherently poor… And that “you have to speak with a slight Indian accent” if you work at 7-11… There’s seemingly an endless list of stupid stuff Joe has done over the years is what I’m getting at.

Look, we get it! When you get older you’re just not as sharp. That’s a fact of life. The thing is, we don’t want someone who has to say “I’m not crazy!” calling the shots.

Of course, you’ll hear morons say “well, Trump called himself a stable genius, how is that different?” Let me tell you!!!

There’s a pretty big gap between going nuts, and being a genius. Biden is defending the absolute worst thing he could be: nuts. Bonkers. Off his rocker. Out of touch. Crazy.

Whatever word you want to use, it doesn’t matter. The point is, Biden is on the defensive. Conversely, President Trump said that he was a genius. That’s going up. Whether or not you agree with him isn’t the point. The point is, Biden’s remarks are defensive, whereas President Trump’s are boastful.

Words matter. Former VP Biden is fully aware that a lot of Americans think he’s mentally not all there. That’s what happens when your lid has been removed a few times.

While it would be a joy to watch Trump DESTROY Biden in a debate, I don’t want to see a man clearly “losing it” have his entire image destroyed because he can’t get words out of his mouth.



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