“It’s Okay To Be White” Posters Spark Outrage On College Campuses

According to students across the country, shouting “black lives matter” is fine, but saying “it’s okay to be white” is racist.

Posters with the latter message have been popping up on college campuses, and have evoked a lot of outrage by those on the left.

The posters have caused such a stir, that Washington Post, and other outlets have declared them to be an act of the “alt-right.” They say that their intent is to stir up dissent, and recruit others into joining their movement, but how they come to that conclusion is hard for many to understand.

The notion of it being okay to be white is not racist. It’s not. The problem is there are people who see that message, and make it personal. They see words, and find a way to make it about them, all in attempt to victimize themselves.

This isn’t healthy, and the media is encouraging that kind of thinking is not good for us as a nation.

Here’s how websites like The Root describes the posters:

“Like, has anyone ever said it’s NOT OK to be white? It’s not OK to be racist, sure. It’s not OK to be a white supremacist snowflake who can’t see past your own made-up oppression to the real suffering of others, yeah. It’s not OK to make obvious and documented police-brutality protests about the sanctity of a flag. But white?”

Here’s the thing about words, you choose how to respond to them. While there are countless cases of racist garbage being spread around the country, the words “it’s okay to be white” do not fit into that category.

The reality that many on the left don’t realize is that there are a lot of people who feel a sense of white resentment in America. Whether or not you agree with that notion is irrelevant, because that’s just how people “feel”.

Just like people feel safer with more gun control (or don’t, that’s not the point), or they feel like everyone is racist, there is a large portion of white Americans who feel like they are getting picked on. You can make fun of them if you want, but that won’t help bring people together, it only makes things worse.

Obviously we have a communication problem in this country. Nobody wants to talk to one another, and instead we try to scream each other into submission.

Not every white American grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth, and when those people hear phrases like “white privilege”, they simply can’t relate. They don’t understand what benefits they are getting, and rather than hear them out, they are laughed at. No wonder there’s so much resentment over political differences. We make fun of each other for possibly having a different belief of how to better our world.

Yes, there are people on the fringe like the KKK, ANTIFA, and numerous others, but MOST people in this country are good people. They have friends, and family just like you. They go to work, and come home, and probably watch some of the same shows.

Do we have disagreements? Of course, and that’s the beauty of living in a free society. We are able to disagree with one another, and then have a beer and talk about life.

Here’s a clip from Revenge of the Cis on the dangers of identity politics:

The point is, we have a lot more in common with each other than who we vote for. Similar to how people shouldn’t rush to condemn people for saying “black lives matter”, there shouldn’t be outrage over “it’s okay to be white”.



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