Investigators Just Discovered How Trump Got A Hold Of Hillary’s Leaked Emails From Russia

For over a year investigators have been trying to find out how Donald Trump got a hold of Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails that he used as a strong part of his Presidential campaign.

The information comes in the form of an email sent to the congressional investigators who were on the case.

The email is well over 1 year old and is dated September 4, 2016. It was sent to President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump Jr.’s personal assistant. The email originated from someone named “Mike Erickson.”

According to Verified Politics, “It offered Team Trump a decryption key and website address for hacked WikiLeaks documents. This was two months after the DNC hack went public, and a month before John Podesta’s emails began leaking.”

After a long meeting that day Trump Jr. tweeted.

WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Sent THOUSANDS of Classified Cables Marked “(C)” for Confidential

There you have it. The files were sent straight to the Trump family. Mystery finally solved. Nothing changes. Moving on.



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