In An Instant Police Drastically Changed The Official Story Of The Las Vegas Shooting

I don’t know what to believe from the mainstream media any longer.

There are enough inconsistencies in the Vegas shooting that makes one wonder if a world like Julian Assange suggests exists, actually does. New details were just released that dramatically altered the once ‘official’ time line of the investigation.

It was known that security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot in the leg when he tried stopping the shooting spree. Vegas investigators even praised Campos for stopping the assault, and in effect saving many more lives. The investigators have now made a giant pivot in the narrative, which in effect changes how the whole thing will be perceived now.

Police now have revised their timeline to say that Campos was shot “six minutes BEFORE” the massacre took place at 10:05 PM. Law enforcement initially credited Campos as the reason that Paddock stopped his rampage, but now that it was revealed Campos was shot at 9:59, investigators have no viable reasons for why Paddock actually stopped.

Stephen Schuck, who is a building engineer, was there at the Mandalay Bay was at the hotel the night of the shooting. He was drawn to the 32nd floor because of complaints of a stairwell door that was jammed.

A very calm and composed, Schuck, recounted to TODAY about what he witnessed, when he nearly came face to face with Paddock.

“I’m incredibly blessed that I same how came out of there alive.”

Schuck credits Campos as to saving his own life. He warned him about the gunshots that were about to come his way. They never saw the door opened, and assumed that he was shooting from the peephole.

The mystery is only deepening as this investigation plays out. The shooting has not been classified as an act of terrorism, which has prevented the FBI from taking over completely, although they are consulting along the way.

Some would think that the fact that this investigation hasn’t been neatly wrapped up like we’re used to seeing in the media is a sort of proof that the FBI has been involved in staging these types of things over the years. Meaning, those other investigations were wrapped up so quickly, because they had everything they needed already. In this case local law enforcement is actually investigating the scene, and doesn’t have an end target of where the investigation needs to land.

What will we learn tomorrow?

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