Ilhan Omar Proposes $1 TRILLION “Housing For All” Bill

Politicians love giving ironic names to their policies. The “Patriot Act” was definitely not patriotic… The “Affordable Care Act” was anything but “affordable”… So, of course we can assume Ilhan Omar’s $1 trillion “Housing For All” proposal won’t be “for all”. reports:

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar introduced a bold act on Thursday that would commit $1 trillion to the cause of affordable housing. That’s trillion with a T, which makes Omar’s bill a new milemarker in the progressive left’s efforts to stake out a national housing agenda.

Housing has emerged as a pressing issue on the campaign trail, and it surfaced as a concern during the Democratic Party forum on Wednesday night. Several candidates discussed their plans on topics such as zoning, rent relief, and racial segregation. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to the history of redlining, while New Jersey Senator Cory Booker mentioned his plan for a tax credit for renters. Yet a separate idea is brewing on the left. Housing is a litmus for liberals, as as a younger generation of progressives embraces a solution abandoned by elected officials after decades of systemic failures: public housing.

No one in the wealthiest county in the world should be forced to sleep on the streets. Today I am introducing the Homes for All Act, a bold 21st century vision to build 12 million new public & affordable housing units and guarantee housing as a human right. #HomesforAll — Rep. Ilhan Omar (@Ilhan) November 21, 2019

Omar’s Homes for All Act plants a flag for an unapologetic public housing agenda. Her bill would authorize funding for 12 million new homes over 10 years, most of which would take the form of public housing. It would mark the first commitment to public housing since the Clinton era, when Congress shredded this part of the social safety net. It speaks to the growing dissatisfaction among tenants and advocates with neighborhood change. In many cities, proven approaches to rental affordability—namely building more homes everywhere—have fallen short.

The figures spelled out by the Homes for All Act are staggering: $80 billion for public housing agencies every year through 2031 (for a total of $800 billion) to fund the construction of 9.5 million new public housing units. Another $20 billion each year ($200 billion over 10 years) would go toward the federal Housing Trust Fund, an Obama-era program to provide affordable housing for the very poorest families in the nation.

JFK once said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” That man’s democratic party is dead, and in its place is a party hellbent on making people reliant on the government, disguising it as “wanting to help”.

The reality is, once you’re on the dole, it’s hard to get off.

Look at social security! Most people are convinced that, since they paid into it, we need to keep it going. Even if it’s been shown to be a waste when compared to private investing. People LOVE having the government in charge of their “retirement”. That’s how powerful socialist policies are. They get people reliant on them (like the retired), and suddenly those who are using it are fighting to keep it.

Such is the case with public housing. If people have their homes paid for by the government, why would they venture out? Sure, there are those who don’t want to be in public housing, but a lot of people don’t mind. The idea of free housing seems pretty good.

Democrats are the party of handouts, so this kind of proposal shouldn’t be too shocking. The best way to guarantee votes is to get your base hooked on policies that require them to continue voting for the same party.

If that wasn’t enough, Omar also pushed this:

On top of a trillion dollars for housing, Omar’s bill establishes a new Community Control and Anti-Displacement Fund—a $200 billion appropriation under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The purpose of the fund, which might be the first federal housing proposal to specifically call out gentrification as a crisis, is to “provide grants to local governments for the purposes of combating gentrification and neighborhood destabilization.”

These people think “gentrification” is a crisis. They really think that fixing up a neighborhood, and making it pleasant to live in, is a problem… Most likely because it isn’t the government doing it…

Omar’s proposal comes shortly after AOC and Bernie Sander’s Green New Deal for Public Housing Act announcement:

On Thursday, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a new bill that would dedicate billions of dollars to energy retrofits for America’s dilapidated public housing stock. The Green New Deal for Public Housing Act would commit up to $180 billion over 10 years to upgrading 1.2 million federally administered homes.

At a press conference outside the Capitol on Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez said a bill focused on public housing reflects the larger aim of the Green New Deal to prioritize “frontline communities”—those that are most likely to be harmed by the climate crisis. “In the Bronx alone, 2,400 public housing residents may be going without heat tonight. That is inhumane,” she said. “That is environmental injustice.”

So now I guess being poor is now “environmental injustice.” What a world folks…



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