Hours After The Latest Gun Massacre, Chelsea Handler Reveals The Real Reason She Thinks It Took Plac

American peace was shattered again on Sunday, November 5th, when Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire on a small Texas church instantly taking 26 lives before it was their time.

Unfortunately these tragedies are always drowned out by the cries of arm chair advocates who always think THEY know what will stop these events from happening. Liberals are always crying out for more gun control, and more laws. The Republican reply is that there are already plenty of laws in place, yet bad people still do horrible things.

Comedian, and talk show host, Chelsea Handler, fired off a hot take on the whole matter, perfectly surmising everything we already know we’re going to hear and read. Yet, here is a real liberal, who we assume actually means well, but she perfectly captures the disconnect between liberal ideal and the reality in which we live.

Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in killed. What country? America. Why? Republicans. — Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) November 5, 2017

In this case, it wasn’t the police or law enforcement that stopped Kelley from killing more. He was fleeing the scene in his truck, surely he was going to continue his spree, but two men chased him down and shot him.

If these guys didn’t have guns at the ready, how many more people would Kelley have killed? How long would it have taken police to get to him? Would he have killed an officer in a stand off? We don’t know?

Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, held a press conference,

“There are so many families who have lost family members. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. The tragedy of course is worsened by the fact that it occurred in a church, in a place of worship, where these people were innocently gunned down. We mourn their loss, but we support their family members.”

He adds,

“This will be a long suffering mourning for those in pain.”

President Trump released this statement,

“…and through the tears, and through the sadness we stand strong. Oh, so strong. My administration will provide its full support to the great state of Texas, and all local authorities investigating this horrible crime…”

We don’t have a gun problem in America. We have a sin problem, caused by Godlessness. If you are aware of the fact that you were created in God’s image, you wouldn’t shoot and murder someone else.

Our society has been infected with lies that life is just random, and that there is no God, no eternal place of rest, or eternal damnation, and we are beginning to see the fruits of such damning logic.



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