Hispanic Man Stabs 4 In California, Media Remains Silent

I wonder how the media is going to spin this, assuming that it gets coverage.

Chances are it won’t, but here are the details.

According to police, a hispanic man “full of anger” went on a two-hour long stabbing spree, injuring several and killing four.

Police in Santa Anna, California arrested 33-year old Zachary Castaneda outside of a gas station, where they found a knife and a handgun that he had taken from a guard.

“We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight,” said Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney. “We have video showing him attacking these people and conducting these murders.”

Surely, we can expect the left to call for strict regulation of knives, yes? I mean, here is a mass murderer wielding an assault knife. A fully-semi-automatic assault knife. Where is Corey Booker? Where is Liz Warren?

No, don’t expect this news to get around (UNLESS YOU SHARE IT LIKE A RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN). The murderer isn’t the right color. The victims aren’t the right color. The left-wing media can’t use these people to further their agenda, so they’ll let it go.

We’ve said it many times, and we will continue to say it till we are blue in the face: “America needs God”.

The left laughs, but only God can heal these angry hearts. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but believers know what’s possible. I mean, this is a God who turned Saul, the Hitler of his day, into the Apostle Paul. You don’t think He can change the hearts of everyone else?

We report on this to point out the absurdity of the media. They don’t tell you the facts, and allow you to think for yourself. They take advantage of a tragedy, and milk it for as long as possible while real news goes unreported.

Stay vigilant. Be faithful. Serve others.



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