Hillary’s Latest Book Tries To Explain Her Loss, But Trump Still Had The Last Laugh

There’s an old adage about winning gracefully, and that one is completely lost on Trump.

The grudge match between Hillary and President Trump is shaping up to be one of best ever. It’ll be better than Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, because this one happens in real time. They were taking shots at each other like grade schoolers at recess, and now Hillary can’t let it go.

But as the saying goes: If you experience tragedy, write a book and make money off of it. And that’s what Hillary did. Twice now she’s had her shot at the Presidency stolen from her.

As the leftist narrative goes, this is all about a war on men. Twice, she’s been defeated publicly by men, and she’s reached her limit. Now she’s writing a book about it. She so deeply feels that the Presidency was hers, that it actually belonged to her, that she has to let the world know what happened.

She details in her book how she could feel him breathing behind her during the debates, and that he is a creep.

Could she really feel his breath on her? Possible, but it just sounds so dramatic. Is she telling a scary story to children about the big bad monster, Donald Trump?

She’s just hyping a situation to demonize the man who stole her presidency. If she knows anything about identifying creeps, it’s only because she’s been married to Bill for 42 years.

But as often as she levels attacks at Trump, someone is out there fighting back for him. Take for instance her new book appropriately titled, “What Happened.”

Well the internet couldn’t let that just sit there. Some heroic artist created a new title as a classic Trump reply, “I Happened.”

pic.twitter.com/o1x6X2qQdM — Trumpism 5.0™ (@Team_Trump45) September 3, 2017

Something is definitely amiss, because the Clinton’s are long time veterans of the Washington game. They’ve been wheeling and dealing from the days or Arkansas when Bill was the Governor.

The fact that she lost to Trump shows there was a significant portion of the population who were awakened by Trump, and were totally against Hillary. People don’t want the Clintons back in the Oval Office whatsoever.

Yes, the race was close, very close. And Hillary’s supporters were extremely vocal about their loss. But they lost nonetheless.

Hillary is the old Washington, running old plays. And those methods don’t win elections. Trump won on sheer force of his ‘personality’, of which Hillary has none.

When contrasted, Hillary comes off fake and calculated, and Trump is extremely honest, and could benefit from a bit more calculation.

Now that Hillary has put out her excuses in bound print, will this be the end of her trail of tears?



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