Hillary’s Halloween Costume Announcement Has Parents Everywhere Keeping Their Kids Indoors

As children we love to dress up for Halloween, that is until sometime in middle school. Then it’s completely uncool to dress up until sometime in your late twenties when you choose this one night to show how you’ve secretly been paying attention to every minute cultural happening and show up to the party in the most of the moment costume for that year possible.

This is completely fine and acceptable. It’s practically a rite of passage, but what if someone who is a public figure does this? Generally it’s fine. We as Americans look to the celebrati to tell us we’re doing good, to make us feel better about ourselves. We’re glued to their Instagram accounts, studying their photos and re-watching their stories time and again. While slightly nauseating, there’s nothing inherently damaging to the public by this behavior.

But, what if someone like Hillary Clinton gives a slightly disturbing answer? And that’s exactly what happened. NBC reporter, Alex Seitz-Wald, asked Mrs. Clinton what she was going as for Halloween. Such a low hanging sweet ripe apple, you know her pride and vindictiveness couldn’t refuse…


Should we really be surprised?

Who’s the real sore loser here?

Honestly if Trump had lost, he probably would have breathed a sigh of relief that he dodged something major. He would have gotten a good night’s rest, and woke up the next morning and returned to being a great business man.

He may actually wish he had lost at times, with how difficult a time the entire system is giving him.

Nonetheless, he won. Hillary lost, and she hasn’t stopped reminding the world of it. But now the public is getting a little tired of her same old song and dance.

Smells like a good skit for Saturday Night Live. Has anyone mentioned this to them?

Parents of America. If you see an elderly white woman in a monochromatic pant suit, wearing a red baseball cap, and perhaps an accentuated orange tan, treat her with caution. She could be suffering from delusions of grandeur, and think she’s the actual President of the United States. Should you come across her whilst trick or treating with your children, kindly step aside and let her proceed. Let her have this little ruse, it’s all she has.

All joking aside, we have free speech in this country, and what she said is completely protected, but what good does it do to try and undermine the system like this?

If anything it’s lighthearted distractions from her own collapsing empire. Hillary, you had your chance. Go peddle land deals while you still have the chance.



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