Here’s The REAL Reason Trump Ended Obama’s DACA Order

The game of politics is, unfortunately for the masses, exactly that: a game.

To some, it’s easy to understand how, and why the pieces move the way they do. They “get” why today’s legislative process is so complicated, and why bills are full of all sorts of compromises.

In the past, “the game” was played in the dark. We didn’t always have social media, and the 24-hour news cycle. Politicians were able to get away with things in what would now be broad daylight, but now that the curtain has been pulled back, a lot of Americans aren’t liking what they see.

Maybe this is why it’s so easy to see what’s going on in our United States. The timing couldn’t make more sense, but that isn’t preventing our politicians from trying to divide us.

Right now there are parts of the country that are in great need of disaster relief funding. Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston, and other parts of Texas, and it will take billions of dollars to rebuild. Oh, and Florida is also expecting a major hurricane in the coming days, so there’s potentially going to be more relief money needed.

Fortunately, the debt ceiling has been raised to accommodate these relief packages, but it’s only for a short time. Democrats want to make sure they have leverage once all of the dust settles following Harvey and Irma.

This is one of the big reasons president Trump rescinded president Obama’s DACA executive order. Follow along, because it isn’t hard to connect the dots. Heck, I’m not even the first one to come up with this theory.

By rescinding DACA, Trump is forcing congress to put legislation together in regards to DREAMers. The president is also in desperate need of getting the wall along the souther border funded. Ending an Obama executive action gives Trump the political leverage he will eventually need to “build the wall”.

The president didn’t have to end a law, as DACA did not grant amnesty of any kind. Instead, it deferred action to a later time. Hopefully that “later time” won’t come, and congress can work to put a bill together, but there’s no telling what kind of cooperative effort that will take. We all know how well the folks up in Washington work together.

The point of this is to simply show you what’s going on, and the chess pieces being moved. Once you understand the game, it becomes a little more difficult to be “triggered”.



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