Here Are The Differences Between Category 1-5 Hurricanes

Hurricanes are extremely dangerous and can cause massive flooding, take down buildings and leave a wake of damage that takes years to recover from.

We are right in the middle of Hurricane season and it looks like this will be a tough year. We get plenty of warning before one hits land, but how do you really know how much damage one will do and when you should evacuate?

Hurricane path gives us plenty of warning before the storm hits land.

Thankfully there is a scale that ranks them by category. Here’s how much damage each on from 1-5 will do. The Weather Channel released this video, here’s the description.

During a hurricane you usually hear meteorologists refer to its intensity by categories. If you don’t know the difference between a category 1 and a category 5 hurricane, The Weather Channel meteorologist Mark Elliot breaks it down for you.

“When it comes to Hurricanes, each one has an impact that is a little bit differerent”, Elliott says, “but the winds speeds along the scale are very specific.”

Hurricane Florence

He says the damage in each category is very predictable. Here is a list of each category and the damage they do.

Category 1: 74-95mph winds

Category 2: 96-110mph winds

Category 3: 111-129mph winds

Category 4: 130-156mph winds

Category 5: 157mph winds or higher

Watch the full video so you can be prepared. Send this to a friend who could be in the path of a Hurricane.




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