Her Husband Was Fighting Overseas, Then Chick Fil A Gave Her The Surprise Of A Lifetime

We reluctantly send our family members off to foreign lands to fight evil and to defend our freedoms, so it’s a beautiful thing that takes places when families and hearts reunite after being deployed for months on end.

In this video we get to see a soldier return home to his family, and surprise his wife, at pretty much the most American restaurant, Chick Fil A.

The wife, thinks she’s going to Chick-Fil A with her parents and children for a regular family dinner.

Then the husband comes out from the kitchen where he was hiding, bringing everyone’s food,

When his wife sees him, she’s can’t believe her eyes!

The entire restaurant stopped what they were doing and cheered, and applauded,

This is beautiful. To all the brave men and women who temporarily leave their families to fight for our freedoms, thank you!

Try not to cry! pic.twitter.com/uwRzkPk2LE — PolitiFeed (@realPolitiFeed) September 27, 2018

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