Happytime Murders May Appeal To Children For All The Wrong Reasons, Here’s What You Need To Kn

For an industry that’s reeling from accusations and scandals alleging sexual misconduct, it’s apparent that it’s more talk than action.

The #MeToo movement gave many people a platform of courage to speak about abuses they’ve had to endure, but now that a few key people have been temporarily removed from the scene, has Hollyweird returned to business as normal?

Maybe if you’re in the belly of the beat yourself you don’t see how your little pet project of over sexualized, hyper violent puppets is beyond just edgy comedy, and a glaring red flag of the systemic cancer that is entertainment these days.

The #metoo movement is much more than the #MeToo movement. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. The scandals that have broken have been calculated to lessen the impact of the larger scandal that’s been brewing under the surface for decades.

It’s ultimately about cleaning house and hiding pedophiles and minimizing the fall out, and protecting a multi billion dollar industry from collapsing. There are certainly good people in Hollyweird, but the good guys are not at the helm of the oligarchs who are attempting to reengineer society for a twisted cause.

Humans are trained to be expert compartmentalizers. The average person doesn’t see the connections between Hollywood and the pedophile scandals in the Catholic Church. #MeToo distracts from the decades of rumors of pedophile abuse in Hollywood. That’s why James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy was ousted from the franchise.

Pedophilia is the sickest thing there is, should we really tolerate even jokes about it? Society still says no. Gunn apologized, and many came to his defense, and then more pictures were released from a very dark twisted costume party he attended which he dressed up as a catholic priest, and other people were dressed as children. Who knows what actually took place there.

There are now Ted Talks dedicated to normalizing Pedophilia as just another sexual orientation everyone needs to tolerate and accept.

There’s many many more stories of accusations to include, but this is an article, not a book.

When it comes to Happytime Murders, why is this film dangerous? For starters it openly makes the connection for you in its trailers to Sesame Street, wholesome family entertainment and beacon of early childhood education. It promotes itself as “No Sesame, All Street”

Sesame Street actually sued the filmmakers for associating themselves with their long running tv show.

What’s the real point of them forcing this association?

Children who will inadvertently see the trailer for this movie on regular television will be instantly drawn to the puppets. Children know puppets are fun, and meant for them. When they see the puppets doing strange things, engaged in violence and varying degrees of sexual activity in the trailer, they instinctually know that it’s bizarre.

Their impressionable minds might not comprehend any of it, but there it is regardless, a seed planted in their minds that won’t leave. And depending on how many more times they see it, or strange material like it, those seeds will be watered and cultivated.

It’s about ruining the innocence and purity of the next generations before they even have a chance to fight for it themselves.


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