Gun-Control Activist Goes To Walmart, Asks For Gun “To Kill 200 People”

A liberal activist in Florida (of course it’s Florida… it’s always Florida) thought it would be a good idea to walk into a Walmart, and ask the clerk for a gun that could “kill 200 people”.

Upon hearing this request, the store clerk responded with “that’s not funny”, and the police were immediately notified.

According to the police report, the store’s assistant manager spoke to 55-year-old Philip Michael Attey II, and discovered that Phil was “an anti-gun nut that wanted his voice heard.”

“The means in which he’s going about his platform is something that we don’t recommend,” said Sgt. Robert Vega. “It brought a lot of concern to not only the civilian shopper but also the people at Walmart and also local law enforcement.”

This is stupid on so many level, but we are just going to point to a few.

First of all, nobody asks to buy a gun in that fashion. Only a moron would think it wise to ask for a gun that could “kill x amount of people”. Obviously this is not a mentally stable individual, but what liberal is?

Secondly, if this guy is genuinely concerned with gun violence, why is he wasting the police’s time with his stunt? The police should be out stopping real crime, not some whiny neckbeard wanting to “make a point”.

Attey said that he got angry after he saw a “white supremacist looking” man buy a gun. What characteristics did this man have? According the Attey, he was white, and good looking.

That’s the mental stability of the people we are dealing with. Some guy sees a good looking white guy, and assumes “oh, he must be a Nazi because he doesn’t look like a fat, miserable slob”.

And these people wonder why folks like us want to keep our guns. Leftist nut-jobs are asking for guns that kill hundreds of people. Hollywood is releasing a film about Trump supporters being hunted. Why WOULDN’T you want a gun?



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