Garth Brooks Sings “America The Beautiful” and His Emotion Leaves 4 Presidents In Tears

Over the years country music icon Garth Brooks has entertained hundreds of millions of fans, but performing in front of the leader of the free world will always generate some butterflies.

That’s what happened years ago when Brooks performed at an event in Washington D.C.. In the audience that night were not one, but FOUR living presidents. Talk about pressure!

Accompanied by a massive choir, Garth took the microphone and began to sing “America the Beautiful” as both Bushes, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter looked on from the audience.

As the song nears the end the band changes things up, and Garth breaks into “Lean On Me”, and that’s when the former presidents start rocking back and forth, singing along.

Seriously, is there a song that Garth Brooks can’t sing? The guy was definitely blessed with an incredible set of pipes. Enjoy the performance:


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