From Trans To “Transformed By God”, Man Tells Miraculous Story of Salvation

Jeffrey McCall is no stranger to LGBTQ marches. In fact, he was once a major participant. Now, he marches with a different group.

Jeffrey’s story is unlike most you’ve ever heard, but it’s one of salvation, grace, and love. As first report by CBN, McCall struggled with homosexuality and drugs until the age of 23 when he decided he was in the wrong body and began living as a woman named “Scarlett.” As Scarlett, he began drinking heavily and prostituting his body.

During this time God was still working on Jeffrey. McCall recalls that during this time he was secretly watching sermons online, and was struck by a message from Jentezen Franklin:

“You will live for Me.”

That’s when Jeffrey decided to turn his life over to Christ.

He says his early years were empty, and lacked meaning.

“From 18 to 23, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. And in those years, my whole identity was in being homosexual,” he said.

“I just partied and would shop, and that was my life, shopping, partying, and whoever was my boyfriend at the time. I was addicted to drugs. I was taking a ton of Xanax and smoking crystal meth. I’m about 6’4″ almost, and I weighed about 160 lbs. at that time. I was very sick. So, I knew that if I didn’t leave Nashville physically, I would die.”

Fortunately, God had other plans, but Jeffrey was still lost and confused.

“The summer after graduating, I did my first drag show. I had grown up around a lot of transgender, transsexual drag queens because I had a family member who did shows,” McCall tells CBN.

“And after that summer, I started living as Scarlet and I would start dressing and-and I started even dating men as Scarlet. And so, from there, it fed it even more that, you know, this is who I am. I’m in the wrong body.”

“I thought, you know, I’m going to have the surgeries and transition into a woman and this is what’s going to make me happy,” McCall goes on to say. “I was beginning to be very promiscuous, very promiscuous where sometimes it was more than one guy a day. During those years, I also prostituted my body.”

“Here I was hitting rock bottom. I’m in graduate school. I’m prostituting my body. I’m with all these different guys. I’m drunk every other day, I have nothing, really.”

That was when Jeffrey recalls attending church a few times while in college.

Jentezen Franklin, the pastor of Free Chapel, “would come on television, or, I would look him up on YouTube. I would listen to him and the Holy Spirit was using it to convict me of sin,” says McCall.

“And it was around the last semester of graduate school, I was sitting in my room and I was just crying. It was really, really late at night. And I was just weeping. I spoke to God, through my crying and weeping, and I said, “God, I know people live for you, not just go to church on Sunday, not just play a religious game, like something happened and their life was transformed. And I said, ‘Will I ever live for you?’ My voice went silent. My thoughts stopped. And I heard God say, ‘Yes, you will live for me,.'”

That’s when Jeffrey’s really started his transition, only this one was spiritual.

“I’m going to throw away the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the shoes, and everything that I have as Scarlett,” he told CBN. “So, in June of 2016, I threw it all away. I went to a dumpster and I just threw my whole life away. And it wasn’t a joke to me. It wasn’t something I took lightly. I was planning to transition and have surgeries and change my body. So throwing that away was a huge step.”

“It was almost as if God, that summer, stripped everything I learned from the church, from the LGBTQ community, from everyone and said, ‘Everything you’ve heard, just throw it out and I’m going to lay a clear foundation for you.”

Then, Jeffrey said his future began to take shape. God was compelling him to lead a movement the likes of which would likely leave him persecuted by many, but ultimately will lead people to the truth.

“I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. He said, ‘You’re going to make a video. You’re going to make a Facebook live video and cut ties with everything from your past. You need to publicly acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Savior and that you want to cut ties with-with being a drunkard, homosexuality, the life of Scarlet, all of it.'”

“And I made the video and thousands of people viewed it. And I started getting messages and calls like, ‘You can’t leave homosexuality. You’re transitioning. Like, This is who you are. What do you mean you’re just leaving everything?'”

“When I started losing the friends and some family members, my relationship with the Lord just kept blossoming. The day that I made the Facebook live video, that was the day I was filled with the Holy Spirit. The Bible became completely alive to me.”

“All of a sudden, I had a peace and joy I hadn’t had since I was a little, little, little boy – that peace and joy of like everything was lifted. And then the Lord started speaking to me and said, ‘Go out and share.’ My whole life’s purpose now is to continue to share Christ’s love.”

“Not just speaking of it, but acting it out, showing it to the people that He loves them, that He wants them. This is so real it’s like having the best thing you could get in the world and you want everyone to have it.”

Now, Jeffrey organizes events around the country for people who have come to find Christ, and left the LGBTQ community. Regardless of your stance on the trans community, it’s a beautiful thing for someone to find happiness in themselves without resorting to drugs, alcohol, and more.

God Bless Jeffrey for sharing his story!



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