Florida Man Sends Woman 10,000 Texts, Threatens To Blow Up Planes

There has to be something in Florida’s water supply, right?

What other state can explain absolute insanity with “well, it is Florida”? None of them.

According to police crazy guy by the name of Nicholas Nelson apparently had a thing for a woman, sending her more than 10,000 texts over the course of 12 days.

I can understand sending one or two texts before getting the hint… but once you reach triple digits you’ve gone too far. Here’s just a taste of some of these incredibly romantic messages:

“You and I, We die together”– That’s not creepy.

“The only man you’ll ever be with again is me.” -Well, she was never with you a “first” time, so there couldn’t be an “again”.

“Her & I can drive tanks around America & blow up churches or whatever we want & you could protect us.”– Well, that’s definitely one idea for a date.

“I’m not suicidal, not even in the least … But I’d rather die then [sic] spend time in jail.”– Hmmm, this guy seems a little off…

Since the messages weren’t working, Nick decided to step it up a notch, leaving clothes in the front yard of one of the woman’s relatives homes. Then, after failing to win her over, Nicholas sent a picture of an airport parking lot, saying that he was going to blow up planes “to prove my point”.

Nicholas was arrested and is charged with aggravated stalking, writing intimidating and threatening messages and is being held in an aggravating stalking case out of Palm Beach County that court officials said involves a different victim. TWO VICTIMS!? Nick…. say it ain’t so…

The judge for Mr. Nelson set his bond at half a million dollars, which Nick believes is “too high”, but, I mean… come on dude… You were telling a stranger you were going to blow up a plane… you need help.



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