Famous Meteorologist Just Released His Predictions For How Bad This Winter Is Going To Be

Fall is upon us, but already people are looking to get ready for winter.

Predicting the weather is a frustrating science for some. It seems that the local weatherman is always wrong, and we just forgo looking at forecasts altogether. However there are some models that appear to be more right than wrong.

The models are overwhelmingly predicting a cold, wet, winter. Here’s what we’re looking at.

Be on the look out for the Great Modoki El Nino

We’re in for another El Nino this winter, and it’s still shaping up to determine if it will be warmer than normal, or cooler than normal. This will be a great indicator of what our winter will be like.

This was January 2018,

Here are the global temperatures today.

It’s still warm in the center of the Pacific, but near the American and Australian coasts the waters are already cooling.

A Modoki El Nino predicts a warmer west coast, and a cooler than normal south and central US on out to the East coast.

A dry west coast, and wet for the rest of the country.

The other thing to consider is the PDO- Pacific Decadal Oscillation

If the Aleutian low is stronger than average, this puls up stronger southerly winds and warmer waters to the west coast of the U.S. El Nino can strengthen the Aleutian Low.

The Forecast currently predicts a lower precipitation than normal going into December for much of the US.

But as we move into full winter, precipitation will be heavier than normal for the southern part of the United States.

The precipitation stays above average in the southern and central US, while the midwest dries out.

As far as temperatures go, it’s looking like warmer than average for the west coast, and cooler than average for the south, midwest, and east coast.

If you like cold wet winters, it looks like this will be your kind of winter. If that’s not your thing, it’s time to save up and take a trip out west!




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