Faith Hill Posts Heartbreaking Message After Tim McGraw Collapses On Stage

During a concert on Sunday country music star Tim McGraw suddenly collapsed on stage in front of a huge crowd. He was then rushed off stage to be examined by medical staff.

Tim and his wife, Faith Hill had been performing at the C2 music festival in the UK and had done three shows over a 2 days weekend.

Country Music Family reported on the incident after finding a video that one fan captured during the show.

It was just after McGraw had finished performing his number one chart-topper, “Humble and Kind” when the spotlight vanished from the stage and left the audience in the dark. Just moments later, as you see the band and stage personnel running around, the spotlight comes back on and shows McGraw doubled over on his knees. Unable to get up on his own, band members rushed to his side for assistance. The spotlight then vanished once again.

Here’s the video.

The lights when down and he fell.

Shortly after Faith Hill got on stage to give the crowd a heartbreaking message. Tim was fine but had some health issues.

“So, Tim is fine, we’ve all been a little bit dehydrated, traveling so much, and he’s been super dehydrated, and I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out on stage.”

That’s a relief and we pray for a speedy recovery.


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