Elementary School Principal ‘Cancels’ Halloween For Not Being “Inclusive” En

Halloween is a fun time for kids. They get to dress up as superheroes, monsters, animals, and all sorts of fun creatures, and then get handed candy for bothering the neighbors.

As a kid, it was the perfect “holiday”. One of the things that made it so much fun was getting to wear your costume when October 31st fell on a school day.

Kids would show up in full costume, and it was generally a good time. Well, like all fun things, liberals have to ruin the fun for the sake of “inclusivity”.

Lincoln Elementary School (Evanston, Ill.) Principal Michelle Cooney told the Chicago Tribune that her school would not be allowing kids to dress up, or pass out candy. The reason? Some people might feel left out…

“While we recognize that Halloween is a fun tradition for many families, it is not a holiday that is celebrated by all members of our school community and for various reasons.”

“There are also inequities in how we have traditionally observed the holiday as part of our school day. Our goal at Lincoln is to provide space and opportunities for all students to be part of the community — not to create an environment that may feel exclusive or unwelcoming to any child.”

You want to know what’s “unwelcoming”? Telling little Billy that he can’t dress up as Iron Man because his principal doesn’t think he should have fun. Good luck explaining that to a seven year old.

As expected, kids and parents were upset.

Nejra Bajric, whose son attends Lincoln, told the Tribune that her second grader is devastated.

“There were some tears,” Bajric said. “Every time I bring it up, he says, ‘That’s the worst; I’m just going to wear mine.’”

“They’re trying so hard to make everything inclusive that they’re excluding a lot of students,” she added. “They’re excluding those kids from having a Halloween, or low-income kids whose families work crazy hours.”

That’s a point that is being ignored as well. A lot of these kids might not be able to participate with the MAJORITY of kids having fun on Halloween because their parents aren’t home in the evenings. This is effectively shutting them out from a tradition that isn’t even religious. It’s just kids getting candy for pretending to be vampires.

This politically correct BS exists to ruin fun.



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