Eagles and Falcons Come Together, Surprise Nation With Patriotic Show During ‘National Anthem&

Right now it’s not hard for a team in the NFL to be patriotic and show their support for our men and women who keep us safe at night. It’s as simple as standing up during our National Anthem. Tonight two teams came together and stunned America.

With the “Take A Knee” controversy seeming to get more attention during last year’s NFL season than the actual games, it’s refreshing to have a game where we can watch and enjoy without all the mess.

In a show of Patriotism both teams all stood up during the performance of our National Anthem.

Players from the Falcons stood up!

Players from he Eagles all stood up as well. Some even closing their eyes and bowing their head.

Boyz 2 Men sang the National Anthem.

A powerful fireworks display closed the show!




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