Donald Trump Responds After Dallas Cowboys “Take A Knee” Just Before the National Anthem

Last night the Dallas Cowboys all took a knee and let down all their fans nationwide. It’s not what anyone expected a Cowboy to do. Real Cowboys stand up for one another even if it means being politically incorrect.

We all know that Trump is no fan of players taking a knee and his response to the Cowboys actions last night proves that even more.

He of course took to Twitter to voice his stance on what the NFL should do.

Posted at 6am, his tweet has already received 13,000 likes and over 10,000 comments and seems to be going viral. While making a rule that they must not go down on one knee will probably not happen, the comments are full of support for the President’s opinion.

Let’s all stand in solidarity on our feet to honor the men and women who served this great nation, and died for your freedom.

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