Donald Trump Just WINKED At Putin, And The Internet Explodes With Liberal Tears

The President of the United States Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland today for their first one on one summit meeting. Putin who is notorious for keeping people waiting, arrived in Helsinki, Finland this morning almost an hour late for the meeting with Trump.

The meeting is going ahead despite an ongoing FBI probe in America into alleged Russian interference in the US election. His meeting with Putin comes just days after he spent a week sowing discord among traditional allies like Nato, Britain and the EU.

Allies now fear he may offer concessions to Vladimir Putin that could include recognising Russian possession of the Crimea, or the relaxing of economic sanctions

Flanked by Russian and US flags, they sat just a few feet apart with nothing but a small table seperating them, at the start of their very long-awaited summit. During which Trump appeared to wink at Putin during their exchange.

As the leaders locked eyes over the small table separating them, Trump, appeared to give Russian President Putin a friendly wink, and the Liberal media went insane.

On the Facebook page for “Truth examiner”, Liberal biased news organization, the comments started flooding in.

The comments started pouring in in the Truth examiner Facebook pages after President Trump winked at Putin.

Russian President Putin, replied with a polite smile, and gestured for the former reality TV star on The Apprentice, turned President, to say a few words before they retired to a private meeting room where they would discuss relations between the United States and Russia.

Trump opened by praising Russia for hosting what he thought was one of the best ever World Cup.

He went on to say that he wants a good relations with Russia, and blames Washington’s own foolishness and stupidity for the hostile ties.

Trump added: “I’ve been saying, that getting along with Russia is a good thing not a bad thing.” The pair then posed for photographs together and gave brief comments to waiting media before an extremely tense-looking handshake

Trump also said they would talk about many different subjects.

In his public remarks, Trump failed to mentioned any of the issues that have brought United States and Russian relations to their lowest point since the Cold War which started in 1947.

These include Moscow’s annexation of Ukraine, its support for Bashar al-Assad, accusations the Kremlin poisoned a spy in England and meddled in US elections.

Trump took to Twitter before the Summit criticizing his own country saying, “Our relationship with Russia has never been worse thanks to many years of foolishness and stupidity and now, the rigged witch hunt!” Trump denies his team colluded with the Russian hacking campaign and has labelled it a ‘Rigged Witch Hunt’ in today’s tweets

The Russian foreign ministry “liked” his tweet, while the Kremlin played down expectations of what should be expected at the meet.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “Presidents Trump and Putin respect each other and they get along well.

“There is no clear agenda. It will be determined by the heads of state themselves as they go along.”

Before the summit, Russia said it did not expect much from the meeting, but did hope it would be a “first step” to resolving a crisis in ties.




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