District Fires Principal After He Refused To Say The Holocaust Was Real

I am extremely critical of public education. People like William Latson being allowed to be the principal are just one of the examples as to why I think public education is right up there with cancer in things that need to go.

On Wednesday, the Palm Beach County School Board voted 5-2 to terminate Latson, effective Nov. 21, based on ethical misconduct and failure to carry out job responsibilities.

Latson made headlines after he sent an email to a parent who was inquiring as to why students were given the option to opt-out of a Holocaust lesson plan. Latson’s response was less than satisfactory, to say the least.

“Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened,” he wrote, according to email records obtained by The Palm Beach Post. “And you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs.”

The Holocaust isn’t a religion. The Holocaust isn’t a “belief” system. It was an atrocity that saw millions of Jews killed at the hands of the Nazis.

Latson went on to say his job as principal is “to be politically neutral but support all groups in the school.” The thing is, there’s nothing political about the Holocaust. Republicans and democrats aren’t fighting each other over whether or not this happened.

“I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,” Latson wrote.

So, we have a principal who feels that it’s not the school district’s job to teach kids about history. He flat out says it. And people scoff when I say “public education is garbage,” but here is the head of a school saying that it’s not a member of the district’s job to present facts.

Public education is an indoctrination camp. Common core has seen our academic numbers fall compared to other countries. We are teaching kids that men and be women, and that it’s normal to participate in degenerate behavior.

Think about this before you send your kids to school tomorrow. These aren’t isolated incidents. If this guy was able to make it to principal, imagine how crazy the people below him are… Then realize that’s happening across the country.



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