Democrats Want A Weak United States

For years and years the democrat party has been quietly lying in the weeds offering handouts, and being rewarded with votes. Now, we are seeing the fallout of these policies having not been nipped in the bud early.

The modern day calls for socialism didn’t happen overnight. They are the result of politicians pushing for programs that alleviate individuals of their personal responsibilities.

While there’s no arguing that both parties want a larger national government, it’s the democrat party that seems hellbent on forcing us into taking some form of government handout, or participating in a program against our will (social security).

During the debates the democrat candidates claim to want things like Universal Healthcare for the benefit of everyone, but the thing is, that kind of policy doesn’t help MOST people… It helps the people at the bottom.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with thinking of those who have less. I’d venture to say it’s virtuous. However, we shouldn’t be forcing people who have to give up more for those who have less. Hell, even God doesn’t FORCE you to do anything… Even He gives you free will.

Democrats want to treat everyone like they are the slow kid in class. That’s just the truth. They think so little of us to where they think we aren’t capable of asking for our own raise. They think we can’t defend our family and property. They think we can’t educate our kids.

I could go on for a while on this subject… They don’t think we could pave a road… They don’t think fires would get put out without property taxes… Essentially, democrats (and a lot of republicans, actually) believe we are incapable of surviving without paying a bunch of taxes.

They think food will start killing us without the FDA. They think schools will disappear without the Department of Education. They think Jim Crow will return without affirmative action.

The point is: there are many people who believe we are powerless without the government, and most of them tend to be democrat.

That’s why people will continue to gravitate to President Trump. He might not be the most well spoken politician, but he believes in this country. He doesn’t tell people they are helpless, but instead tells them he’s doing everything he can to make life better for them.

Democrats continue to tear America down, and that’s not a winning strategy. We want to see things being done, not another diagnoses.



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