Democrats Impeach President Trump, McConnell Says Senate Won’t Remove

The United States is about to go through a much needed civics lesson, since it is apparent there are a ton of people with no clue as to how impeachment works.

Democrats in the House of Representatives have officially impeached the president, and now the process moves on to the Senate where a trial will be held based on the evidence presented during the impeachment hearings.

Now, a lot of you might be asking “what evidence are they going to get Trump with?”, and that’s the point. Democrats or their counsel will have to now present their “evidence” in a court setting, with Senators acting as the jury. In order to remove President Trump from office there needs to be a 2/3 majority in the Senate.

A quick calculation finds that there are more Republicans than Democrats in the Senate. This makes the road to removing Donald Trump from office essentially impossible. There’s really no need to speculate on if a few Republicans find the president guilty, because a 2/3 majority is incredibly unlikely.

“The case is so darn weak coming from the House,” Mitch McConnell told Sean Hannity on Fox News last week. “We know how it’s going to end. There’s no chance the president’s going to be removed from office.”

Hillary Clinton has a much, much, much better chance at becoming the Democratic nominee than President Trump does at being removed from office.

Which begs the question, “why are they going through with impeachment?”

Democrats in the House have been promising impeachment to their constituents from the moment President Trump won in 2016. Some members of the House basically ran on the platform of “impeach!”, and this was the last chance they would get before 2020.

How could they go back and ask for votes when they couldn’t even deliver on the one thing they promised? Democrats put themselves in a no-win situation where pulling back from impeachment would be just as damaging to their careers as not going through with impeachment at all. This was an all or nothing game, and Democrats went all in.

They went from “bribery” to “interference,” and now they have impeached the president for “obstruction of Congress,” and “abuse of power”.

When the announcement was made that Trump had been impeached, #Impeachmas began trending on Twitter, revealing that people might not know what happens next. Folks were celebrating as though the president was no longer in office, only to wake up and realize that he is still our president.

Well, they are about to learn a lesson… and another one at the ballot box in 2020. We thought the left had a meltdown in 2016… Imagine how they are going to respond when they lose again. I can’t wait.



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