Democrat Activist Accused Of Abusing Mentally Disabled Student Has Charges Dropped By Judge He Helpe

A Michigan court has just ruled to drop all charges against 37-year old Ibrahim Aljahim, a month after he was accused of and arrested for sexually abusing one of his students.

Back in October we reported:

A 37-year-old Detroit educator and Arab community activist was released after being charged with performing criminal sexual acts on one of his mentally disabled students, and, shocker, he has ties to a handful of democrats.

Ibrahim Aljahim was released on a $1,000 bond and was forced to surrender his passport. According to Wayne County prosecutors, Aljahim was “in a position of authority over the victim.” The victim has remained unnamed for obvious reasons, but the fact that Aljahim took advantage of one of his students, especially one with mental disabilities is just sickening.

According to WDIV-TV, the student told authorities that Aljahim made him perform the act in the educator’s car outside the school. Police also found security camera footage showing Aljahim leaving the school with the student and returning 20 minutes later. Three other students said the victim told them Aljahim sexually assaulted him.

Just how connected was this guy? Apparently, very well connected. This comes from the Detroit News:

The hearing Thursday for Ibrahim Aljahim is a preliminary exam during which the judge is looking to see if there’s enough evidence.

However, the defendant is so politically connected that the judge herself offered to step aside.

Aljahim is a community liaison at Oakland International Academy and a Democratic political activist. He’s now accused of taking a student with special needs out of school and sexually assaulting him in a car parked across the street.

Aljahim is so tied in to Hamtramck politics that district Judge Alexis Krot had to first say that Aljahim helped get her elected to the bench.

“I had an election last year, he helped me … I want everyone to note that,” said Krot.

Krot said she would be neutral on the case, but would step aside if need be. The prosecution and defense said they had no problem with her overseeing this case.

Last time in court, prosecutors revealed Aljahim is also under investigation for three other alleged sexual assaults — two alleged victims under the age of 16 and one over 18, but that victim is disabled.

The defense has argued that the teens accusing Aljahim are actually the ones who attacked the mentally disabled student, and Aljahim had been protecting him.

“These three individuals are the ones who accused him of doing, the same individuals, the police let them leave,” said defense attorney Robert Farinha.

Yesterday, the Judge Krot decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to warrant a trial, and dismissed the case entirely.

“The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office will evaluate the preliminary examination transcript to determine whether an appeal will be filed in this case,” Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office assistant prosecutor Maria Miller said in a statement.



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