Dana Loesch Ends Silence, Goes Directly After “The View” For Lies About Kavanaugh

Joy Behar has never tried to hide her disdain for Republicans and conservatives for that matter, and the prolonged Kavanaugh confirmation has only made her less funny than usual.

On her show, The View, she went off the system of ‘Old White Men’ who are protecting Kavanaugh. The thing with these liberal arguments is that they seem credible or valid at first, but just let someone like Dana Loesch come along and ruin your points with facts and logic.

Behar said,

“Men are supposed to protect us from these predatory males, AND THEY’RE NOT DOING THAT!”

“These white men-old by the way are not protecting women.”

“He’s probably guilty!” She says, based solely on the fact that a woman accused him, and he’s an old white man. This is 2018 after all.

Behar of course plays to the shows base and she’s met with roaring applause. But what are the actual facts? Who sat on the story for so long and only brought it out when Kavanaugh was nominated?

Dana Loesch has some startling facts to share.

I’m not sure how to take Joy Behar’s comments because it wasn’t old white men who sat for six weeks on the accusation from this particular individual, Dr. Ford.”

“It wasn’t old white men who kept it quiet and did nothing to verify the claims, and did nothing to reach out, or investigate, or comfort the accuser.”

“In fact it was those old white men who Joy Behar is assailing on the view who moved swiftly within a day, within a period of twenty-four hours to immediately reach out, to offer to privately come to this individual to hear her claims, to hear her accusations.”

“It was those quote un quote old white men that moved to resolve this issue, and to seek a pathway to justice, if justice is to be had.”

Then she lays it on heavy,

“It wasn’t the Diane Feinstein’s who I think did a particular disservice to this individual.”

“We can talk about the claims of old white men in the Democrat party that are ignoring the claims of Ms. Monahan who is the accuser of Keith Ellison.”

“I’ve heard nothing of protecting women from the Democrat party when it comes to the accuser of Keith Ellison.”


There’s definitely a double standard happening right before our eyes in how Kavanaugh is being dragged through the mud, and Ellison is completely ignored.

It’s more of the same from the left who are continually grasping at their banned straws, trying to find any reason to hate Trump and everything that he puts forward.

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