Dan Bilzerian Sees Girl Get Shot In Head In Vegas, What He Does In Response Left Everyone In Shock

If you have ever heard of Instagram star and actor, Dan Bilzerian, you already know that he is a big supporter of gun rights and also knows how to use them properly. He frequently posts pictures of himself with his collection and shares videos of his practice session.

He was in Las Vegas last night at the concert when he heard gun shots ring out, and as he was running a girl next to him was shot in the head. Nobody expect him to respond the way he did.

Instead of running away he grabbed his gun and came back to see if he could find the person shooting at the crowd.

Dan Bilzerian running from the chaotic scene in #LasVegas 😳🙏 @danbilzerian pic.twitter.com/7N7mr72tmU — WORLDSTARHIPHOP (@WORLDSTAR) October 2, 2017

I had to go grab a gun! I F**king headed back!

He said in a post he shared with his 23 million followers. He also loaded a woman into his van and took her to the hospital, likely saving her life.

He then stayed and helped the first responders while the gunfire was still all around. After doing what he could to help he then posted a final video thanking his fans and explaining there was not much more he could do to help.

🚨 News Flash 🚨 (3 of 4) Live video from Dan Bilzerian at the #MandalayBayCasino #LasVegasShooter #jakeowen #jakeowenconcert #lasvegasstrip pic.twitter.com/IyGrzhAnzH — DUBBCAST (@dubbcast) October 2, 2017

Thank you for what you did last night, Dan! God bless.



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