Cory Booker Stuns The Senate In Defiant Act, Calls Hearing A “Dark Moment”

As the hearing for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation is coming to a close, Senator Booker, who grilled Kavanaugh on his mid week drinking practices, just walked out of the hearing in protest to what he saw unfolding.

He was controlled, but disturbed, and again reiterated his belief that confirming Kavanaugh would be the wrong move for women, the nation, and the future of our country,

“I will stop with this. With respect for this committee, and with respect for you.

I cannot sit here. I cannot participate, in what I know history is going to look back on as a dark moment again… We should not brush aside her comments. We should not belittle her testimony. We should listen to her. We should listen to women. And we should thoroughly investigate this before moving forward. To do any other thing is to diminish the truth, diminish the history of sexual harassment in this country, and to again relegate ourselves to what I believe is a dark, dark element of our society.”

Spartacus has left the room! — PolitiFeed (@realPolitiFeed) September 28, 2018

And with that, he gathered his effects and walked out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Spartacus has left the room… — John James (@JCJames) September 28, 2018

GRANDSTANDING AGAIN! VOTE THEM OUT! — Dr.Theresa Phillips (@TheresaPhilips) September 28, 2018

It should be noted that Booker himself wrote of an account where he groped a high school friend,

“After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my ‘mark,’” he wrote. “Our groping ended soon and while no ‘relationship’ ensued, a friendship did. You see, the next week in school she told me that she was drunk that night and didn’t really know what she was doing.”

It should be difficult for Senator Booker to be this critical of Kavanaugh.




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