“Conservative” Speakers Are Now Shutting Down Free Speech When Asked About Immigration

As a conservative American I value the freedoms that were given to us by our creator. Free speech is one of the values that we as conservatives are supposed to protect, but now it would appear that free speech is being threatened by those who claim to support it.

Over the course of the last several weeks conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Charlie Kirk have had the Q&A portions of their lectures “hijacked” by people who consider themselves to be “America First” conservatives. Rather than answer the questions that these people have, fellow conservatives have dismissed them as “alt-right Nazi trolls”, the exact same tactic they accuse the left of using to avoid a topic.

The most pressing of these topics has been immigration. Conservative commentator Nick Fuentes has brought up the fact that immigrants, illegal and legal, vote democrat the vast majority of the time. He and his followers, who refer to themselves as the “groypers” see the conservatives pushing for ANY kind of mass immigration as a threat to conservative values in the long run.

These are genuine concerns. Conservative Christians see their culture disappearing, and the people who are supposedly speaking for them are driving the train. Even worse, they are promoting ideals that fly in the face of Christianity, such as promoting members of the LGBT community simply for supporting Trump.

The “Groyper War” reached a head over the weekend when the feud broke into the mainstream, as Donald Trump Jr. was booed offstage at an event for his book hosted by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA.

Today, Don Jr. appeared on a podcast hosted by Dave Rubin, a man who supposedly values the idea of free speech. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case.

Within minutes of the live stream, the chat was bombarded with questions about what transpired over the weekend. Rubin, who claims that he cares about the “culture war”, showed his true colors when he not only avoided the subject entirely, he proceeded to deactivate the chat.

Conservatives were not too pleased with this decision:

While Rubin describes himself as a “classical liberal”, he is merely the latest free-speech advocate to try and squash the “groyper” movement. During a speech at Stanford last week, Ben Shapiro dedicated a segment of his lecture to disavowing the “America First” conservatives as “alt-right” before proceeding to disingenuously “answer” their questions.

Members of the “America First” movement routinely point to Shapiro’s history as a “Never Trumper” as proof of their claims that he isn’t “America First”, while also saying that they don’t necessarily have a problem with his social views. Their issue lies with Shapiro’s defense of legal immigration, and outspoken support of Israel (leading to members of the “groypers” to be labeled anti-semitic).

Although crass, Nick Fuentes brings up valid points in his criticisms of what is being called “conservative inc.” Over the years we have seen a decline in the social fabric of our society, and immigration plays a major factor in that. With the majority of immigrants voting democrat, it makes sense for Christian Conservatives to feel threatened that their way of life will soon be taken. These feelings are only exacerbated when “conservatives” refuse to hear their concerns, and dismiss them as “alt-right”, instead of actually treating the questions with the seriousness they deserve.



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