Conservative Media In Danger As FEC Chairwoman Meets With Big Tech

Former FEC chairman Lee Goodman, and others, raised concerns that online conservative media outlets could face federally imposed censorship going into the 2020 elections.

You may be asking yourself, “can they do that?” to which the answer would be: “only if we let them”.

For years Republicans on the Federal Election Commission claimed that Democrats were targeting right-leaning media outlets like FOX News, and Drudge. Now, the FEC chairwoman is working with an anti-Trump free speech advocacy group to host a symposium targeting online “disinformation.”

FEC Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub is hosting the event and summoned tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Her invitation reads, “The goal of the symposium will be to identify effective policy approaches and practical tools that can minimize the disruption and confusion sown by fraudulent news and propaganda in the 2020 campaign.”

Translation: we want the masses to only read what we deem acceptable.

1/ Chair of the @FEC, Democrat @EllenLWeintraub, "is summoning Facebook, Google and Twitter to a meeting next month on digital disinformation," reports @nancyscola of @politico: — Dave Levinthal (@davelevinthal) August 29, 2019

Furthermore, what exactly is “disinformation”? We know what misinformation is. Exactly, what outlets are they talking about when they say that word? I sure would like to know who is knowingly peddling falsehoods (cough cough, CNN publishing the fake dossier, cough cough).

“The FEC has no business policing the truth or accuracy of speech of any kind by American citizens on the internet,” said Goodman.

This from the Washington Examiner:

Goodman said he sees concerns in summoning tech giants to a FEC-endorsed speech seminar and warned about a double standard in policing liberal and conservative websites.

Recalling his fight on the issue, he said, “I concluded that conservative speakers and press would always be held to a double standard if government got to regulate them. Now the hook to get Drudge is something vaguely defined as ‘disinformation,’ however that might be defined. The FEC has no business regulating the internet or browbeating internet platforms to censor American citizens.”

Goodman, an election lawyer, said that investigating foreign fake news is a job for the FBI, not the FEC. “The FEC’s only role is prohibiting foreigners from spending money to influence American elections, and foreign propaganda should be policed by the FBI and Department of Justice,” he said.



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