Colorado Shooter Told Police “I Didn’t Want Anyone To Get Shot”

Remember the pink haired kid and the transgender student that shot up a school in Colorado?

Let me refresh your memory. Devon Erickson and Alec McKinney, two hard-core leftists, broke into the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and began opening fire on students and teachers.

According to police, Erickson and McKinney armed themselves with three handguns and a 22-caliber rifle that were stolen from a gun safe belonging to Erickson’s parents.

The pair broke into the safe with an ax and a crowbar and consumed cocaine before going on the shooting rampage, police said.

According to police, Erickson told them that he didn’t want to shoot anyone, but his gun had discharged when someone ran into him.

The same can’t be said of McKinney, who claims that she shot a student for making fun of her transitioning from female to male… I’m sure Alec has no mental illness at all, because we aren’t allowed to call trannies mentally ill…

In fact, she (he?) went on to say that she wanted other students to “experience bad things (and) to suffer from trauma like he has had to in his life.”

(Side note, a lot of people in the LGBTQ community have suffered some form of trauma, hence there being no proof of a “gay gene”.)

The reasons why we haven’t been hearing about THIS school shooting are obvious, but let me point them out anyway.

1. The shooters were members of the LGBTQ community 2. The shooters broke into a gun safe (illegal) and stole (illegal) firearms 3. One of the shooters is a trans-person 4. The shooters didn’t support Donald Trump 5. The “victims” didn’t parrot the left’s talking points about gun control

Do you want to know why the left keeps talking about Charlottesville? Because it suits their agenda. Literally one person died after being bumped by a car (but that’ll happen when you’re 400 pounds), and the media talks about it as though it happened last week.

Meanwhile, you have deranged kids on hormones going on shooting sprees against normal kids, and we get nothing…

Note to self: after caught for a crime, tell the cops you are trans. At the least, the media won’t talk about it.



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